Dallas Cowboys Odds To Win 2013 Super Bowl

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What can you say about the Dallas Cowboys that hasn’t already been said? Nothing has changed with the exception of the loss of a couple starters and the addition of Morris Claiborne basically.

Laurent Robinson, one of the biggest playmakers on the team last season, was lured away by money this offseason. Although only producing numbers for one year, Robinson carried the team through a time when Miles Austin and Dez Bryant couldn’t stay on the field for two plays without tweaking a hammy. If the two can’t stay healthy, you are now looking at a starting core of rookie Danny Coale and Kevin Ogletree. Coale was a late pick in the draft but because of the need at that position and the amount of scouts high on his future in the NFL he could be the most important selection.

Tony Romo had a great season throwing for over 4,000 yards with 31 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions. Unfortunately, this was overshadowed by the 8-8 record and the amount of pressure placed on the Cowboys to win a Super Bowl. This year, the Cowboys again have skeptics even with the emergence of DeMarco Murray at tail back. The latest betting odds to win the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII only give Dallas a 20/1 shot to win according to Bovada Sportsbook. It puts the Cowboys in the top half on the list of favorites to win the Super Bowl.

With the tandem of Murray and Felix Jones in the backfield healthy, Romo can do more damage to defenses and hit his favorite target in Jason Witten more than the 79 times last season. Witten hasn’t caught less than 80 catches in a season since 2006, and tallied several 90+ catch seasons since then. The key is an offensive line that can give Romo time to find young receivers and getting the ball to Witten.

The Cowboys defense is very sketchy at times, but adding a pro bowl caliber cornerback in Claiborne and having a future hall of fame linebacker in DeMarcus Ware is comforting. Four other draft picks went to defensive players in hopes of getting more able bodies on the sidelines. I don’t see the Cowboys beating a team like the Steelers, Patriots, or Giants with questionable health at every skill position including the quarterback. But maybe Claiborne can make the difference.

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