BCS Championship Betting Odds Take On New Shape After Week 6 Results

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With the shake up in the college football landscape this past Saturday, the BCS Championship picture has taken on a whole new shape.

Spoiler Alert: The SEC is still the conference to challenge.

What did we learn?

There are some new teams in the conference looking to step up who were not expected.

That would be the South Carolina Gamecocks, now ranked No.3 in the country after their very impressive win over the then-No.5 Georgia Bulldogs. The Florida Gators have also joined the party, jumping all the way up to No.4 in the country.

So the SEC still has three teams in the top-five of the latest college football rankings, however two of the are new, for they have replaced LSU and Georgia.

The chances for a seventh-straight BCS championship from the SEC is still very much alive, despite the losses by the Bulldogs and Tigers.

Alabama is still at the top of the list of favorites to win the 2012-13 BCS championship, as they have been for quite some time.

We’ve seen some new challengers emerge though, like West Virginia and Notre Dame. Typically in years past, we’ve seen an unwarranted rise in the polls from the Fighting Irish, but they appear to be a legitimate contender this season. Notre Dame thrashed Miami, Fl 41-3 in Chicago on Saturday night, limiting a team that had put up some impressive offensive numbers in conference. Notre Dame will be testedover the coming weeks though, with matchups against Stanford and USC in what is certainly one of the most challenging schedules in the country.

As for West Virginia, the appear to have asserted themselves as the favorites in the Big 12, though Oklahoma will have something to say about that following their dominating win over Texas Tech.

October should be a very fun month for college football, with the BCS rankings first coming out following the Week 7 slate of games.

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