BCS Championship Betting Odds For Week 8 In College Football

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We’ve all seen by now the BCS first rankings came that out earlier this week, with the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators in the top-two positions out of the SEC. But now, oddsmakers have released their latest BCS National championship betting odds.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Alabama is at the top of the list of favorites to win the BCS championship halfway through the season. The Crimson Tide have been in that position for the majority of the year. Alabama is going off at close to even on the amount wagered, set at 6/5 at Bovada Sportsbook to win a second-straight championship and a third in the last four years.

Behind Alabama though, it deviates from the BCS rankings. That’s because the likelihood that Florida wins it all takes a hit with Alabama at the top of the list.

In comes the Oregon Ducks, who rank No.3 in the BCS rankings, but second the college football national title odds at 7/2. Oregon fans might have been disappointed to find themselves No.3 in the BCS, but they do not need to worry because if the Ducks run the table they will be in Miami for the BCS championship game.

The theme of the last half-decade though has been the dominance of the SEC. That continues on these BCS championship odds, with Florida and South Carolina coming in at No.3 and No.4. But that won’t last long because of the fact that these two teams will play each other this Saturday in Gainesville.

Right now, Florida is set at 8/1, with South Carolina coming in at 10/1 despite a loss on the road this past weekend to LSU.

And how about the USC Trojans, climbing back from the dead after a loss several weeks ago to Stanford. But now, USC is back in the top-10 in the BCS rankings, and come in at No.5 on the BCS championship odds.

Kansas State, LSU, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and Florida State round out the top-10 favorites going into Week 8.

Check out the complete odds as available at Bovada below.

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