Another BCS Standings Shake Up As Kansas State Jumps To No.3

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The Oregon Ducks keep on winning, and winning big, but somehow it’s just not enough for the BCS Standings through two weeks of the rankings.

In the polls, the Ducks have a solid hold on the No.2 ranking in the country. That is conducted by human polls, with the result of opinion and the ‘eye’ test. But in the BCS Rankings, Oregon was ranked No.3 in the first edition of the BCS standings that were released last Sunday. It was all good for the Ducks though, because if they were to win out they would be in the national championship game.

Flash forward to the present though, and things are certainly more clouded and difficult for the Ducks, despite a dominating victory on the road last Thursday night over Arizona State.

That’s because Colin Klein and the Kansas State Wildcats went into Morgantown and dismantled Geno Smith and West Virginia on Saturday. And with the computers loving the Big 12, combined with the Wildcats jumping up to No.3 in the country in the polls, it’s enough for the Wildcats to leap Oregon in Week 2 of the BCS Standings to No.3 in the country. And with Kansas State’s toughest games behind them, this is making the national championship race very interesting.

Fortunately for Oregon, they still have two potential battles against the USC Trojans, which will definitely impact their strength of schedule and boost their computer ranking should they win those.

There was no change at the top of the BCS Standings this week, with Alabama and Florida leading the way.

The Crimson Tide blew away Tennessee on the road 44-13, while the Gators crushed South Carolina at home 44-11.

Notre Dame rounds out the top-five this week, but has a huge showdown on the road against No.9 Oklahoma on Saturday. In fact, there are three top-five teams in the country that have games against top-12 opponents.

Alabama hosts No.12 Mississippi State, while Florida plays No.10 Georgia in Jacksonville.

This upcoming Saturday has the potential to really shake up the national title picture should some of these teams pull off an upset. Though to be honest Oklahoma might very well be favored over Notre Dame at home, we will have to wait and see on college football betting lines released later this week.

BCS Standings – October 21st

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Kansas State
4. Oregon
5. Notre Dame
6. LSU
7. Oregon State
8. Oklahoma
9. Southern California
10. Georgia
11. Mississippi State
12. Florida State
13. South Carolina
14. Texas Tech
15. Rutgers
16. Louisville
17. Stanford
18. Clemson
19. West Virginia
20. Texas A&M
21. Boise State
22. Michigan
23. Texas
24. Ohio
25. Wisconsin

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