Paul Jolley Gone From American Idol As Betting Odds For Top-8 Are Released For The Week

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American IdolVoters eliminated Paul Jolley in Thursday night’s episode of American Idol. The pop-country singer was sent home during the results show, leaving eight finalists behind to fight it out for a chance to be this season’s winner. The Dresden, Tennessee native was honored by his hometown with an official Paul Jolley Day (March 16) during the episode before being called to the stage to bid farewell. The 23-year-old didn’t appear surprised or overly emotional during his exit where he hugged his fellow contestants one last time.

“Everyone has felt that feeling of being alone, but they get by,” Jolley said following his elimination from the Fox competition. “Now that I’ve been on Idol, I’m moving forward in my journey through life. And having all these fans means I’m not alone anymore. They’re going to be there for me 100 percent.”

While the guys are dropping fast from the competition this year, there is one male contestant that might have a shot at making it until the end of the season. Burnell Taylor is the strongest out of the bunch and continued to push ahead this week. But that may not be enough up against the top trio of ladies that dominate the odds.

Angela Miller continues to hold on to the top spot as a favorite on American Idol Season 12 betting lines, set at 2/1. This season’s strongest singers also include Candice Glover – who earned the approval of Jimmy for her night’s performance – and Kree Harrison, who both share odds of 9/4. Still in the bottom of the odds pool is the less than confident singer Amber Holcomb with odds of 14/1, followed by Janelle Arthur (18/1), the emotional Lazaro Arbos (18/1), Burnell Taylor (20/1) and Devin Velez (33/1).

It looks as though the ladies of Idol season 12 are shining the brightest this season compared to season 11 when Philip Phillips was named the winner, beating out Jessica Sanchez. A female is sure to be crowned this year, but the question is who? Randy, Nicki, Mariah and Keith have really taken a liking to Kree Harrison who looks overall to be one of the best candidates so far when compared to the over dramatic flare of Amber and Miller, a personal favorite. Next week’s results show will eliminate another Idol finalist. The Motor City themed night will also mark American Idol’s 450th episode.

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American Idol Season 12 Betting Odds Top-7 Top-8 Top-9 Top-10 Top-20
Angela Miller 8/5 9/4 9/4 2/1 7/2
Candice Glover 2/1 2/1 2/1 12/1 25/1
Kree Harrison 5/2 9/4 11/2 5/2 4/1
Janelle Arthur 12/1 18/1 12/1 9/2 6/1
Amber Holcomb 18/1 14/1 12/1 16/1 14/1
Lazaro Arbos 33/1 18/1 14/1 14/1 15/1
Burnell Taylor 50/1 20/1 25/1 12/1 14/1
Devin Velez Eliminated 33/1 33/1 15/1 15/1
Paul Jolley Eliminated 33/1 15/1 20/1
Curtis Finch Jr. Eliminated 20/1 25/1
Aubrey Cleland Eliminated 11/2
Breanna Steer Eliminated 20/1
Vincent Powell Eliminated 25/1
Adriano Latonio Eliminated 25/1
Nick Boddington Eliminated 30/1
Tenna Torres Eliminated 30/1
Cortez Shaw Eliminated 30/1
Elijah Liu Eliminated 30/1
Zoanette Johnson Eliminated 40/1
Charlie Askew Eliminated 40/1

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