2014 BCS Championship Betting Odds Match SEC Versus The Rest Of The Country

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Alabama Crimson TideEveryone knows the statistic already. The Southeastern Conference has won the last seven national championships in college football. You’d have to go all the way back to the 2006 Rose Bowl to find the last team to win the title from outside of the SEC, when Texas defeated USC. Since then, it’s been a string of seven-straight in one of the most dominating performances we’ve ever seen.

Four teams have combined to win these seven national championships, but really several others could have been there as well. It seems that winning the SEC Championship and Championship game is a harder task than taking the national title. Just ask Alabama from two seasons ago.

With SEC Media Days taking place last week, we got our first big preview of the upcoming 2013 college football season in the SEC, and there are plenty of teams to talk about right at the top of the list of favorites to win the 2014 national championship.

2014 BCS Championship Odds

SEC – 5/7 (-140)

Rest Of Country – Even (+100)

Bet These Odds At Bovada

In fact, Bovada Sportsbook has taken it upon themselves to form a separate college football championship line in their futures section along with the BCS odds. This betting line simply puts the SEC versus the rest of the country. And guess what? The SEC is still favored.

The SEC is set at a -140 favorite on the moneyline to win an eighth-straight national championship, while the rest of the country’s odds for all of FBS division football is going off right at even money on the amount wagered.

That is a pretty staggering betting line, especially when you can pretty much consider eliminating roughly half of the SEC from contention. That would leave just about six teams or so.

But when you take a look at those teams in the top-half of the SEC, then it’s easy to understand why the conference should be favored.

Of the top-10 teams on the betting odds to win the 2014 BCS Championship, the SEC makes up for half of them. They are Alabama, Texas A&M, Georgia, LSU, and South Carolina.

And you don’t have to go much further down the list to No.12 to get to the Florida Gators. There are your six teams right there. Six of the top-12 favorites to win it all. Now it’s not looking like such a bad wager is it? In fact, it might just be a great one to make.

The payout is centered around even money so the return would be pretty solid. Alabama is tops on the BCS favorites, getting a 3/1 payout. And if we take a look all the way down to Florida, they are receiving 25/1. Certainly if you feel like going with an individual team then the profit would be much more should you win, but you get a solid grouping of 13 teams for this type of payout. LatestBettingOdds.com thinks this is a pretty solid bet to take a hard look at.

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