2012 Olympics: Michael Phelps vs Ryan Lochte 200M IM Betting Odds

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Michael Phelps won career medals No.18 and 19 on Tuesday in London at the 2012 Olympics. And by doing so, he became the most decorated Olympic champion in history, capping it off with a gold medal in the 4x200M Freestyle Relay.

Surprisingly, it was Phelps first gold medal of these 2012 Olympics. He has two other medals, one silver and one bronze.

Almost inexplicably, Phelps lost his signature event by fractions of a second in the 200m Butterfly. It appeared as if Phelps was in control the entire race, but was out touched in a similar fashion to when he out touched to win this race four years ago in Beijing.

There is no question it’s a different Michael Phelps than Beijing, as he seems to be enjoying his experience more, rather than focused on dominating.

But on Wednesday, Phelps will be back in the pool going up against Ryan Lochte head to head again. The first time, the rivalry went to Lochte, who captured gold in the 400m Individual Medley, which Phelps failed to medal.

Now, we are up to the 200M IM.

Phelps was once thought to be the favorite in this match up, but the odds have shifted significantly in the direction of Lochte.

2012 Olympics Betting Odds available at Bovada Sportsbook have set Lochte as an assertive 2/5 favorite in the 200M IM. Phelps come in behind Lochte as the silver medal favorite, going off at 15/8 on the betting line. So you can definitely see the disparity in the line between the two.

And clearly oddsmakers do not see any other swimmer winning this race, with the next closest betting line going way up to 20/1.

But it should definitely be fun to watch Lochte and Phelps go against each other.

Check out the betting odds for the 200M IM below as seen on Bovada, with the rest of the swimming odds also on there.

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