2012 Olympics Men’s Decathlon Betting Odds

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One of the most grueling events at the Olympic games is the Decathlon. Consisting of 10 events in track and field, the Decathlon is held for two-straight days as the athletes compete in the different events looking to get on top and win the gold medal and be crowned the world’s greatest athlete, as per tradition.

For the men’s decathlon in London, the two days will break down like this.

Day 1

100m Race
Long Jump
Shot Put
High Jump
400m Race

Day 2

110m hurdles
Discus throw
Pole vault
Javelin throw
1500 metres

At the top of the list of favorites to win gold in the decathlon is Ashton Eaton of the United States. Eaton is the reigning silver medalist in the decathlon, and the gold medalist in the heptathlon in the world indoor championships.

Eaton comes into the 2012 Olympics as the huge favorite to win the gold medal. Really the odds aren’t even close, which goes to show just how dominant Eaton has been in the preparation for these events. Eaton is going off at 1/6 on Decathlon Betting Odds at the 2012 Olympics on Bovada Sportsbook.

His next-closest competitor?

That would be fellow American teammate Trey Hardee. But Hardy is all the way back at 9/1 on the payout to spring the upset with the gold medal.

And after these top-two Americans, the odds skyrocket all the way up to 25/1.

Obviously oddsmakers are expecting the United States to walk away with both the gold and silver medals here in this event, with anyone but Eaton winning likely considered to be a huge upset. He owns the world record in both the Decathlon and the Heptathlon.

Check out the complete betting odds to win the Decathlon at the 2012 Olympics, as well as the rest of the track lines set down for the remainder of the Olympics.

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