2012 Olympics Medal Count Betting Odds

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The 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony begins later today, as we get set to open up the 17 days of competition for one of the great sports spectacles.

Coming into these 2012 Olympics, there are high expectations for a variety of athletes from the United States. The U.S has won the most medals in each of the last two Olympics, though it was China who took home the most gold medals in 2008 in Beijing.

Medal counts is one of the most popular and important aspects when it comes to the Olympic games. Oddsmakers have jumped all over this action as well, installing a number of betting lines for some of the top contending countries around the world.

The United States is obviously right at the top of this this, as 2012 Olympics Betting Odds available at Bovada Sportsbook have set a total medal count, and a gold medal count for the United States Olympic team.

Looking at the total medal count for Team USA in London, that number has been set at 103.5 on the betting line. For the over total to win, the United States will need to win at east 104 total medals. For the under tota, it’s 103 medals or fewer. To put that into perspective, the United States captured 110 total medals in 2008 at Beijing. China came in second on the medal count at 100.

When it comes to gold medals, Team USA has been set with an over/under gold medal count of 38.5. Here, 39 golds or more takes the over, while 38 or fewer goes the under. In 2008, the United States won 36 gold medals. That was second to China with 50.

The United States has also been set at a -175 favorite to win the most medals on the betting line, with China, Russia, and Great Britain following behind.

Below, we have listed all of these betting odds plus more medal counts from different countries around the world as seen on Bovada. Be sure to check these out, and get your wagers in before the games begin.

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