2012 Olympic Beach Volleyball Betting Odds

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Beach Volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports in the Olympics. And actually, the sport on the whole is growing around the world, with this the most countries participating since the sport was introduced to the Olympics.

And it’s actually a sport where the women’s is just as popular, if not more, than the men’s. Of course the uniform probably helps, with most of the athletes donning small bikinis while they play. That certainly makes it easy on the eyes.

But past that, at the core of the game, these athletes are truly impressive. And when it comes to the pioneers of the sport, two women from the United States lead the way. That would be the team of Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh. Treanor and Walsh are the two-time defending gold medal champions coming into London, winning in both Athens and Beijing.

Actually, this team has been brought back together for the Olympics, after spending time apart playing with different partners. But it’s clear that they have one goal on their mind, in what will likely be their final Olympics.

A third gold medal.

But coming into London, they are not the favorites to win gold. In fact, Treanor and Walsh come in tied for second on 2012 Olympics Beach Volleyball Betting Odds available at Bovada Sportsbook. That would put them at the Bronze medal.

It’s the team from Brazil in Larissa Franca and Juliana Felisberta Silva, the No.1 ranked team in the world, who are the gold medal favorites. This Brazilian team is going off at 5/2 on the betting line to win gold. But Treanor and Walsh aren’t far behind, slated at 7/2 on the payout.

This Beach Volleyball event is definitely top heavy though. Outside of the top-three favorites, the betting line jumps all the way up to 10/1. So clearly oddsmakers believe that these top three teams will all medal. It’s simply a matter of which medal they will win.

Below, check out the full women’s Beach Volleyball betting odds as seen on Bovada.

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