2012 London Olympics Wrestling Betting Odds

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Wrestling dates back to the very start of the modern Olympic games, and as one of the oldest sports in the games, it is certainly a popular one.

And there is no shortage of weight classes and events on both the men’s and women’s side when it comes to wrestling at the Olympics.

In total, there are 14 men’s weight classes and four women’s weight classes at the 2012 london Olympics, making for plenty of wrestling action during the two weeks of competition.

Betting odds for each of these 18 events have also been formed for to win the gold medal, and are available to be wagered on at Bovada Sportsbook. For now, each of these betting lines are just to win their weight class out right, with the potential for individual match betting lines to come out as we get to the gold medal game in the second week of the London games.

There are two different wrestling categories when it comes to the Olympics. The first is Greco-Roman. Greco Roman style wrestling does not all the use of holds below the waist during a match. That is the main difference between the other style in the Olympics, which is free style. Freestyle in and of the name itself seems to describe this type of wrestling. Legs are allowed to hold an opponent in Freestyle. This is similar to Collegiate wrestling in the United States.

There are seven Greco-Roman wrestling weight classes for the men and seven Freestyles. However, on the women’s side of things, the only style contested in the Olympics is Freestyle.

Be sure to check out Bet365 sportsbook and all of their betting odds for wrestling at the 2012 London Olympics. They have the most comprehensive betting lines for the different events. In addition to wrestling, Bet365 also has a number of other Olympic Betting lines available for you to wager on.

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