2012 London Olympics Women’s Basketball Betting Odds

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One might think that the men’s basketball team for the United States is the dominant force on the world circuit when it comes to the 2012 London Olympics, but they would be mistaken. At least when it comes to how big of a favorite that they are to win the gold medal.

It’s their counterpart, the women’s United States basketball team, who comes into these London Olympics as the assertive favorites.

Just how big?

London Olympic Betting Odds available at Bovada Sportsbook have set Team USA as a 1/10 favorite to win the gold medal. And then comparing that to the men’s team at 1/8, the women are a bigger favorite.

The top players from around the WNBA will be looking to dominate their competition, with Australia and Russia looking that the only two teams that may be able to give the United States a game. But when comparing the three betting lines, you get a sense of just how big of a favorite the United States is.

For every $10 risked on Team USA to win the gold, a $1 profit is incurred. So to win just $10, you would need to place a $100 bet down. The silver medal favorite in Australia is going off at 7/1 on the betting line. Here, a $10 wager on australia to win the gold medal would profit $70. And with Russia at 8/1 that profit margin increases.

So it’s pretty clear that oddsmakers do not expect a team outside of the United States to win the gold medal in women’s basketball, forcing a bettor to risk quite a bit for a very little profit margin. But then you must ask yourself whether or not it is worth the profit for what is really considered a sure thing by betting standards.

Team USA is in Group A, along with China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Angola. in Group B, you have Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Great Britain, and Russia.

The Gold medal game for Women’s basketball at the 2012 London Olympics will be held on Saturday, August 11.

Below, we have the full betting odds to win the gold medal in the event, so be sure to check them out and see how the countries stack up behind the United States.

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